Rwanda and the DRC organized trade fair to boost cross-border trade

Representatives from Rwanda and their African counterparts from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) organized a trade fair as part of plans to boost cross-border trade and business relation between the two countries. The said event happened on Monday December 20, 2021 in Rwanda.

With the fair, the two countries created a platform whereby representatives showcased products from their respective countries. Apart from the products, the two countries made commitments through mutually beneficial agreements holistic enough to cover the local markets.

The agreement made room for both countries to explore deep into interested sectors with their desired products. The DRC is looking at boosting exports to other countries whilst Rwanda is working towards the DRC’s manufacturing and agricultural sectors, as well as the extension of made in Rwanda products into the DRC.

Speaking to reporters, one of the representatives from the DRC identified as Brigitte Gisuba said “we are here to showcase Congolese products, our food, our activities, what we manufacture in Congo, we are here in Congo to sell, to sell and to look for a market, it workout in this expo, in all we are very happy.”

The move has been considered a win for the continental free trade which seeks to open up intra-continental trading activities in Africa.

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