Rwandan authorities to ask Google to remove videos denying genocide

Rwandan Investigation Bureau is set to crackdown on contents that deny the 1994 genocide which claimed lots of lives. As part of plans, the authorities will ask Google to take down or stop showing those videos.

Since the aftermath of the genocide and civil war that followed, Rwanda under the administration of Paul Kagame has made massive progress in terms of development, in a bid to return the country to her state of glory.

Aside this consistent effort to focus on development, attempts have been made to deal with false information in Rwanda. In effect, people who promote fake news with their platforms are dealt with by the government whilst those who focus on constructive criticisms are encouraged.

Recently, the Rwandan police arrested a popular YouTube channel owner on grounds of spreading false rumour against the government. Some of the claims for the arrest of these youtubers include the denial of the gruesome genocide of Rwanda.

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Critics say such arrests qualify as infringement on freedom of speech. However, the authorities maintain that, the move is aimed at dealing with fake news.

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