Rwandan troops celebrate first victory in Mozambique as other African countries deploy more soldiers

Troops deployed by Rwanda as part of a bilateral agreement with Mozambique to help fight insurgency in the Gas-rich country have celebrated their first victory. Rwanda earlier announced a deployment of 1,000 troops to help restore peace and security.

Authorities in Mozambique claimed that, the joint forces mounted a serious assault on the insurgents around the country’s border with Tanzania, resulting in many casualties in the camp of the terrorist group. 

Meanwhile, the 16-member Southern African Development Community (SADC) has also commenced deployment of soldiers to join forces with the troops on the ground to deal with the gross insecurity in the northern province of the country.

Currently, South African forces have also arrived in Cabo Delgado. It is unclear the number of soldiers who landed in Mozambique but South African made an earlier pledge of 3,000 troops.  The Botswana media has also hinted of a deployment by the President with insufficient detail. 

Filipe Nyusi, President of Mozambique earlier confirmed that, “Rwandan forces are in our country under the bilateral security agreement between our two countries. Rwanda’s participation is part of the principle of solidarity for a noble and common cause.”

“It is about saving human lives, preventing the decapitation of people in Cabo Del-gado, and the destruction of public and private property and infrastructure, but not only that,” the president said whilst adding that, Cabo Delgado’s situation has claimed 2,000 lives and displaced about 826,000.

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