SA: Mall Manager told a man he can’t shop because his African attire is not decent

One will think that the level of civilization associated with the 21st century is enough to deal with toxic cultural intolerance, race, and other sensitive issues setting humans apart in this increasingly global world until you come across certain exhibitions of behavior that defeats the height of enlightenment we have achieved over the years.

In a rather disturbing video taken in South Africa, a mall manager/owner has prevented a certain man from shopping just because he is dressed in traditional wear. According to him, the dressing is “not decent” enough to be taken around in his mall. 

Even as the man in the traditional wear aided by another lady argued that he was simply dressed according to his culture, he refused to let them shop. “Here is in Africa, you are wearing Western, I am wearing African” the man argues to no avail. 

He instructed for securities to be called on them for their dressing as he continued to make comments like, “I’m not going to allow them; this is my mall,” “I don’t condone this in my mall,” “this is not decent” to be won in public, among other denigrating comments.

What is quite important is that it is one thing to be discriminated against in a strange land and another for your culture to be ridiculed right on a land which owns that culture. Simply because he was dressed in suit, he considered a traditional wear “unworthy,” not in a different cultural setting but in Africa.

The worrying drama from this video shows that the so-called 21st-century civilization is not worth the hype; we as a people have a lot to work towards when it comes to the obsession with Eurocentric ideologies that renders inferior, other people’s cultural identities and way of life.

Watch the Video:

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