Sankara trial: Military court resumes hearing on compensation

The Ouagadougou based military tribunal has opened hearing on Monday to preside over several demands laid before it by both the families of the ex-revolutionary leader as well as lawyers for the other civil parties involved.

Local sources say the court has been pleaded to return personal effects of Sankara which was reportedly removed by the security following his death. These items includes his wedding ring, weapon and others.

President of the judgement chamber however asked that, “ If the claimed items no longer exist, what should be done?” this attracted a response that, “the objects that were removed were removed by the elements of the police and the gendarmerie, so that they can be found”

The lawyers equally presented a demand for the issuance of his death certificate to duly reflect the facts being established.

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On the other hand, families of the civil parties involved are demanding huge sums in compensation. Their lawyers say the state must be held responsible and duly charged for compensation on grounds that, the perpetrators of the act were state securities. Sankara’s family which seeks the truth is demanding just a symbolic franc.

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