Scientists want me dead for producing herbal remedies for HIV/AIDS – Ghanaian Doctor

A Ghanaian Doctor, Samuel Ato Duncan who is known for producing medicines approved by health authorities says some scientists want him dead for producing herbal remedies with potentials to cure HIV/AIDS.

“I have received a lot of threats, many many threats to stay away from producing drugs to cure HIV/AIDS,” Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan said

He added that, “I don’t understand why some people don’t want HIV/AIDS to get out from this world… Even if I am killed because I have the medicine that can cure HIV/AIDS, there must be somebody to continue producing the drug for HIV/AIDS.”

This is not the first time Dr. Duncun is making public statements about his ability to cure HIV/AIDS. He has on several occasions made such claims with demands to be allowed to provide evidence.

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Already, he is on record to have produced a very popular immune booster, COA fx which is receiving positive reviews from users in the country. The drug is also exported to other countries.

In a recent development regarding his activities, some officials of the Ghanaian Food and drugs authority were caught in an investigation by an undercover journalist, demanding huge sums of money before allowing his products to pass approvals. Some of these officials were fired as a result.

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