Self-proclaimed Chinese ‘Wakanda Queen’ come under attack for skin darkening tutorial

A Chinese influencer, Suzy Z who calls herself the “Wakanda Queen” has been criticized for a viral video she made, wearing blackface and teaching her followers how to darken their skin. The video which was viewed by millions of people saw the influencer using a combination of products to turn her Asian skin to a totally dark one.

Suzy who does lots of videos on Bilibili, a Chinese equivalent of Youtube referred to this particular video making rounds as part of her global series, serving a much wider network. During the tutorial, she said “this is Suzy aka Wakanda Queen.”

“Wakanda beauty bloggers settled in Station B (Bilibili)? Can you see me? It’s me who is the darkest on the whole network.” Suzy wrote as caption for her video on the Chinese platform where she has over a million followers and also on Youtube.

Her video attracted mixed reactions; most people held the influencer responsible for a reckless display of racist content, imitating black people with make-up. Some commentators referred to Suzy as being “ignorant” about how racist blackface is and its consequences.

Some of the critics of the video also blamed the content on the lack of education on blackface in Asia. One of the platform users wrote: “Blackface isn’t very educated about in Asia. A lot of people actually don’t know it’s wrong, so people can’t expect the whole world to be as woke”

However, a few others saw a different angle to the video. To them, the video was just an “awesome” display of make-up skill by the influencer and nothing else. What do you think about this trendy issue?

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