Senegal: Prison break man alias ‘Boy genie’ breaks out of jail for the 10th time.

A Senegalese boy, Modou Faal, is famous for his repetitive jailbreaks from maximum prison facilities in the capital city, Dakar. According to Senegalese media, Modou Faal escaped prison many times, and this recent one made it number 10.

In the early morning of Sunday, Faal broke out of a penitentiary. The Senegalese authorities are actively searching for him. The Prison official, stated that the police had opened an investigation on him.

In a recorded statement broadcast on private television, Mr. Faal stated that he was still in Senegal waiting for his court date. He added that he’s not a bandit and that he only broke out of jail due to his trial’s slow process. He promised to show up once his court date is scheduled. It’s been reported that Faal once fled to The Gambia in one of his jailbreaks.

According to local media, the authorities arrested Modou Faal, also known as ‘Boy genie’ for several crimes including armed robbery and association with criminals.

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