Senegalese-French footballer dies after 39 years in coma

Senegal born footballer, Jean-Pierre Adams who was in coma for 39 years has finally died at the age of 73. The announcement was made by French League Giant, Paris Saint Germain where he once played his professional football.

Adam’s condition and subsequent death resulted from medical negligence in a hospital in Lyon-France. The player was hospitalized for surgery after a ligament rupture at the injury at the Édouard Herriot Hospital.

According to reports, Adams who won 22 caps for France between 1972-1976 developed a condition described as bronchospasm, starving his brain of oxygen after the anesthesiologist and a trainee taking care of him made a supposed error.

Since the incident occurred, Adam’s wife Bernadette turned down offers for euthanasia and took care of him with hope that, he may gain consciousness one day. She revealed in an earlier interview that, “Jean-Pierre feels, smells, hears, jumps when a dog barks. But he cannot see.”

After the incident occurred in 1982, the anaesthetist and trainee were punished somewhere mid 1990s with only a one-month suspended sentence and 750 euro fine.

He has received some eulogies from his former clubs since the announcement of his death. The Senegal born played his club football with French sides, Nice and also played for Paris St-Germain.

An official statement from PSG said the player’s “charisma and experience commanded respect” whilst Nimes extended their “most sincere condolences to his loved ones and his family.”

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