Senegalese lawmakers make stringent laws against homosexuality

Despite the existence of laws in Senegal, criminalizing the practice of LGBTQ activities in the country, some lawmakers are still proposing more stringent laws.

The provisions of the newly proposed laws aim to extend jail terms for offenders plus other areas that will totally discourage the practice.

“The new bill will elongate the prison term of homosexuals to five and ten years as well as criminalize LGBT+ activities. The law has been considered an “act against nature,” Alioune Souare who also helped in drafting the new laws said.

He told reporters that, “we hope to present the proposal to the parliament before the end of the week.”

Prior to this move in Senegal, Ghanaian lawmakers also introduced a bill to parliament purposely to put a stop to the practice and promotion of LGBTQ+ activities in the country.

Similar to Senegal, Ghana already has laws criminalizing the practice; however, the lawmakers explained that, the new introduction better protects the country’s values against alien practices.

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