Senegalese President congratulates Madagascar, orders herbal medicine

Madagascar has since been facing intense criticisms after Andry Rajoelina, president of the country officially announced that his country has found a traditional remedy for the deadly coronavirus which has defied almost every treatment and killed many people.

According to the President and the health officials, the local medicine which has been named COVID-Organics produces results within seven(7) days. He further told the ministers, diplomats and journalists at the launching of COVID-ORGANICS that, the medicine has already proven positive when tested on two coronavirus patients.

Under normal circumstances, this claim should have been investigated. Instead of doing so, the world health organization refused to recognize, to even talk of investigating their claims, the American center for disease control rubbishes the potential of such medicine curing the virus and the media is equally pushing negative reportage regarding COVID-ORGANICS.

Amidst these numerous external attacks, it just seemed like Madagascar has been abandoned by other African countries to be suppressed without any support. There was no release from the AU and other organized African bodies, whom many expected to help push the World Health Organization to first conduct a scientific probe before releasing judgment on the efficacy of the medicine other than the mischief currently being propagated.

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However, one among the many African heads of state has finally done the needful. Senegalese President Macky Sall displayed a true spirit of unity by not only congratulating Madagascar on the discovery but also placed the first-ever order for the herbal medicine. Rajoelina confirmed this support on twitter and thanked the Senegalese President.

Madagascar President Promoted 'Corona Virus Drug' by Live ...
Madagascar’s Herbal Medicine for Coronavirus Treatment.

Macky Sall later affirmed the news with the following tweet: “I welcome the fruitful exchange with President @SE_Rajoelina on sharing experiences and good practices in the fight against # Covid19. I salute Madagascar’s efforts in the search for therapeutic solutions that Senegal is following with interest”

This is the kind of support we expect. Other African heads of state must add their voices to the ongoing situation, do their individual investigation and purchase some of the products to save their citizens other than waiting for a vaccine.

For this continent to make any headway, we need a united front to help deal with the sense of inferiority we have been subjected to over the years. This is not the time to allow any individual country on the continent to be bullied by supposed superpowers. That has been the situation and we need to change this narrative for the collective good.

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