Senegal’s Macky Sall defends the country’s criminalization of homosexuality

As the advocacy for the legalization of homosexuality continues across the globe, African States continue to face pressure from the United States, Canada and other Western nations to decriminalize the controversial same-sex practice.

A diplomatic but tough public exchange between Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and President Macky Sall of Senegal recently has highlighted the extent to which the practice of gays and lesbianism is detested in Africa.

Justine Trudeau who visited, Senegal asked the West African nation in a press conference to end discriminatory laws against the LGBTQIA+ community. Homosexuality is criminalized and punishable in almost all African countries including Senegal, except South Africa.

“We’ve talked about it, and we know that Senegal is a leader in terms of democracy and in terms of values. But we all have work to do. In any case, we’ve had good discussions with Macky Sall,” Trudeau said at a news conference in Dakar.

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According to the Canadian leader, he is “a great defender of human rights” and has to express his concern over the issue.

However, the Senegalese leader Macky Sall warned that homosexuality won’t be accepted in Senegal as far he is concern, ‘not in Senegal’. “We cannot ask Senegal to legalize homosexuality and organize tomorrow’s gay pride,” he said. “It is not possible. Our society does not accept it.” Sall warned.
He continues to say, “It is our way of living and being. It has nothing to do with homophobia.”

Senegal is predominantly a Muslim nation. However, it operates under secular laws.
The West African nation is highly praised for its stable democracy.

Same-sex relation remains a highly detested practice in the majority of African States, despite incessant campaigns by LGBT advocates for its legalization.

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