Some Libyan groups are calling for a boycott of the election over Ghadafi’s bid

About a decade after the death of Muammar Gaddafi , his son, saif al-Islam publicly expressed interest to join the presidential race for December 24th polls. Following this news, some groups comprising of elders who played a role in the removal of his father are calling for a boycott of the election.

The council said it rejects “the candidacy of those who used excessive force against the Libyan people’s uprising and who are the target of arrest warrants from Libyan courts and the International Criminal Court.”

In the said statement, the opposing group further encouraged protesters to go on and protest against the election which is set to take place next month. They referred to the protesters as ‘free patriots.’

The call for boycott was alleged to be masterminded by the council of elders from Misrata who played a major role in the removal of his father as president following the uprising in 2011 which also led to his death.

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An electoral officer who allegedly spoke to reporters claimed protesters were shutting some voting stations around western Libya after hearing that the former president’s son was going to be part of the race. “Residents protesting at the candidacy of Saif al-Islam Kadhafi in presidential elections closed down several polling stations” he said.

Though there seemed to be some protest going on, reports indicate that there are no records of violence even around voting stations.

The upcoming election will be the first election since 2011 after Muamar Ghadafi’s government was overthrown by a NATO-backed uprising. The election is anticipated to bring about an end to a decade of violence in Libya.

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