Some powers are already looking at us from space; Africa needs to develop strategic security – Museveni

Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni has called on Africans to unite and develop a strategic security plan to catch up with the rate at which the world’s powerful countries are consolidating their superiorities. According to him, African countries are sitting idle whilst these powers are exploring widely.

“Some powers are talking about what they call 4-dimensional superiority ( space, sea, land, air) but Africans are just sitting here on earth while some people are looking at us from space,” Museveni said.

He revealed that “we were colonized and suffered slave trade not because our ancestors were weak, but were not well organized. We have got more capacity while operating together hence the need to develop strategic security for Africa

Apart from security, the veteran leader touched on some vital points whilst delivering a speech on African Integration Day at the State House. In terms of African unity, Museveni held the view that Africans have a better opportunity to unite than the Europeans due to some advantages.

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He stated that “when Europeans decide to unite, they start wondering what language should we speak? Italian? Spanish? English? Dutch? German? But in Africa we can use Swahili which is a neutral language to unite us, it is non-ethnic, belongs to nobody!”

“Africans are already similar or linked, there is no reason we should not be united. It is easier for Africans to Unite than the Europeans, but we are not taking that direction surprisingly,” he added.

The President equally suggested that the continent must venture into production to build and sustain its self-reliance. “We should not just push for African Integration but must guarantee our prosperity through integrating the markets that will consume what we are producing as Africa,” Museveni said.

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