Son of a Gambian Diplomat killed by police in the USA; Gambia demands probe

Momodou Lamin Sisay, son of a Gambian Diplomat who works with the United Nations, has been shot dead by police on the Temple Johnson road in Georgia, USA.

The said Gentleman who was killed on 29th May 2020, at the backdrop of the George Floyd incident, has so far attracted outrage as many people made reference to his death in protest against Racial discrimination and police brutality in America.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported that Lamin allegedly refused to stop after violating a vehicle tag. He later reportedly engaged the police and a follow-up SWAT team in a gunshot exchange after a pursuit by the officers leading to his demise.

However, father to the deceased, Lare Sisay, has disputed claims by the police that his son had a gun and also doubted the tendency of him refusing to resolve the issue with the police on peaceful grounds.

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According to him, “He (Lamin) is a very pious somebody, goes to the mosque and prays, and even when he was in school, he wasn’t into any sort of trouble that I am aware of. So to say that he has a gun… This is somebody who abhors violence, he does not like violence of any kind.”

He further threatened to take legal action against Georgia police. “We will do an independent autopsy, and we want to get a private investigator to investigate the circumstances of his death and, if necessary, hire a lawyer to sue the Georgia state police. We’re not going to let it go,” he added.

Moreover, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Gambian government has instructed its embassy in Washington DC to “engage the relevant US authorities including the State Department to seek transparent, credible and objective investigation” into the matter.

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