Southern African leaders praise Zambia for a peaceful election and transfer of power

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) heaped praises on member state Zambia for contributing to the progress of the democracy of the region. The recently held peaceful election represents the third time the country is holding a very successful transfer of power since 1991.

Peaceful election is common in Africa, however, the love for power and abuse of incumbency makes it very difficult for some ruling governments to successfully hand over power to their fiercest opposition leaders after their defeat. It is on this note that, SADC leadership is giving Zambia the necessary attention.

Speaking during the community’s 41st annual summit which saw the attendance of other leaders in the region, Lazarus Chakwera President of Malawi held the view that, Zambia’s exemplary electoral process deserves a global recognition.

“The pattern of peaceful transitions of power we have been seeing in our region in recent years, … (with) Zambia being the latest member to embody that, are worthy of global acclaim and our applause, Chakwera said. He added that, “to all the leaders and people of Zambia, we say thank you.”

The Zambian veteran leader, Edgar Lungu who ruled the Southern African country for six years lost in a landslide defeat to opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema in the recent election. The 64-year-old initially questioned the transparency of the election but later conceded defeat, promised to hand over peacefully. He went further to meet with and congratulate the new president.

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