Spanish mining company fined $6million for explosion that killed 13 people in Ghana

Maxam, a Spanish company which operates in Ghana has been fined $6milion by the ministry of lands and Natural resources after its truck conveying explosives to a mining site exploded, resulting in the death of about 13 Ghanaians with many left with serious injuries.

The said truck was carrying the explosives to Chiram gold mine which belongs to Maxam corps, a Madrid-based company. The truck was involved in a collision with a motorcycle, causing the explosion.

Reports from Ghanaian media indicated that, more than 100 people were injured and the village was was levelled to the ground. At first, Maxam denied responsibility for the explosion and pushed it to a local contractor.

A statement released by the ministry of lands held the company responsible for the unfortunate situation. “The ministry has established regulatory breaches on the part of Maxam in respect to the manufacture, storage and transportation of explosives,” the ministry said.

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Maxam has since been fined $5million for damages and $1million for the breach of administrative regulations. The fine is expected to be paid in a monthly installment.

According to the reports by eyewitnesses at the explosion scene, the truck was said to have been on fire for about 45 minutes, of which residents were there to take pictures and videos, before the explosion finally occurred.

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