Supfrica CEO declares willingness to collaborate with Ivorian Imoji creator to depict African culture

Since Supfrica, an African made social messaging application went viral, there has been a lot of suggestions and concerns from users and potential users alike. Key among such was a possible collaboration between the Supfrica CEO and another young African who has been doing a lot for the culture.

The EYEGAMBIAN team got in touch with Mr. Hafiz, the owner of supfrica to respond to these concerns; the much celebrated Sierra Leonean who released what is considered Africa’s highly rated mobile application has expressed his willingness to collaborate with O’Plerou Grebet, the young Ivorian digital artist who has been creating imojis that reflect African cultural elements.

The 21-year-old revealed that he ventured into the creation of these imojis to give Africans something they can identify with; “Basically, my idea was to create emojis so Africans can have emojis they can relate to;” he said.

The idea behind this creativity is laudable as it is one that will embolden the African culture or establish a place for it in modern technology; He has so far created a variety of amazing downloadable imojis that covers the everyday African food, tradition, religion, among others.

O’Plerou Grebet’s Emoji

When asked concerning this collaboration, Mr. Hafiz who is currently the talk of Africa told the EYEGAMBIAN team that, he will gladly work with him to promote the collective continental agenda.

Our team is currently working to connect the two for this important collaboration; if everything goes according to what was discussed, you will soon see these beautiful imojis in your supfrica application.

The exclusive interview in which Mr. Hafiz spoke extensively on the need for Africa to have something that truly belong to Africans and a lot of other interesting areas will soon be on your screens.

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