Survivors of New York’s Bronx fire sues landlords for $3 billion

While people are still counting their losses after the tragic fire outbreak in Bronx which claimed the lives of about 16 Gambians and other people with many injuries recorded, a couple that was also involved is suing for $3 billion.

The case was filed on Tuesday where they were claiming that the former and present landlords had an idea of the deteriorating condition of the apartment in the building.

The New York Post cited the couple to have said that, the landlords “had actual notice of defective conditions”. The married couple, Felix Martinez and Rosa Reyes strongly opined that those affected by the fire which include about 17 people and 8 children ought to get a settlement of $1billion. They insisted that the fire was as a result of negligence on the part of the city officials.

In a report on the incident, the case against the landlords all pointed to the fact that the 19-story building had some defective conditions as well as fixings that were neglected.

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The negligence included the inability to ensure that the front doors of the building could close on its own in order to prevent the spread of smoke, inability to make sure that all the smoke detectors were active, failure to have a sprinkler system in place and a host of other failures that led to the massive fire that had not occurred in the history of the city for a very long time.

The couple Martinez and Reyes are filing for a compensation of $1 billion as a compensation for damages while $2 billion in punitive damages for everyone who were involved in the incident including themselves.

A lawsuit was also filed against the City’s Department of Buildings and Department of Housing, Preservation and Development. The lawsuit was also extended to the former Mayor, Bill de Blasio and the Housing Commissioner Melaine La Rocca.

The suit accused the city officials of failure of ensuring that the self-closing apartment doors were in order when they were knowledgeable of the fact that the devices had the capacity of rusting over time.

Since 2014, there were reports of the building having about 24 complaints and violations which were part of the case against the city officials. The landlords who are the defendants in the case include Bronx Park Phase 111 Preservation LLC and its 3-member companies: Lich Investment Group, Belveron Partners and Camber Property Group according to reports. Even the former building owners which include Cammeby’s International Group as well as the company’s founder, Rubin Schron have been sued.

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