Tanzania And Burundi to Jointly Build a Multi Million Dollars Railway

Two East African countries, Tanzania and Burundi have struck a bilateral deal of building a Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) which is 282 kilometers. The project is to start from Uvinza in Tanzania’s region of Kigoma to Gitega in Burundi. The project is to cover 156km of the SGR in Tanzania while Burundi will have 126km […]

“Even Hushpuppi won Forbes award”: Ghanaians react to Nana’s African of the Year Award

Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo-Addo was awarded by Forbes Magazine as the “African of the year.” Explaining the basis for such recognition, the organizers said “Ghana’s President has repositioned the country in the global marketplace as one reliant on its own resources and strengths.” This has been closely refuted by Ghanaians. According to them, Forbes criteria […]

It is time to start treating Africa as a major geopolitical player – U.S

U.S secretary of State, Anthony Blinken who is on a tour in Africa has admitted that, it is time for Africa to be recognized and treated as a major Geopolitical player. “United States firmly believes that it is time to start treating Africa as a subject in geopolitics, and structure it as a major geopolitical […]

Cambridge University finally returns looted Bronze cockerel to Nigeria

Recall that, Jesus college of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom earlier announced a decision to return to Nigeria, a bronze cockerel which was part of the numerous artefacts looted by British forces during colonial era. The promise has been fulfilled as the Cockerel has finally been handed over to Nigeria. According to plans, a […]

High rate of divorce in Africa; are we gradually losing our values?

Marriage in Africa used to be a sacred institution which is held in high esteem because of its contribution to human existence and society. Due to the value placed on the institution, divorce was a rare occurrence. However, the situation has totally changed in recent times. The high rates of divorce in Africa and among […]

“We need to act faster” – Macron commit to vaccinate more Africans

French President, Emmanuel Macron has declared plans to embark on mass vaccination in Africa. According to him, the decision was informed by Africa’s low vaccination rate. “In Africa, only 3% of the population is vaccinated. We need to act faster. France commits to double the number of doses it shares, from 60 to 120 million […]

Failure of J&J’s HIV v.acc!ne trial in Africa raises major concerns

The recent failure of experimental HIV vaccine produced by American Multinational drugmaker Johnson & Johnson in Sub-Saharan African countries raises major concerns. According to claims by the company, the decision to withdraw the experiment themed “Imbokodo” was based on a record low efficacy rate. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and […]

Nigeria and Cameroon jointly built a new bridge to facilitate trade

African countries are gradually building infrastructure to integrate the continent. Botswana and Zambia earlier constructed a 923 meters long bridge which is strategically positioned at a point where Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana intersect. This drastically improved the trade infrastructure of the entire Southern African Development Community (SADC). Latest on the list of efforts towards […]