Abuse of religion in Africa; an underrated hindrance to our development

The fact is irrefutable that, religion has its role to play in national development. Apart from serving as the vehicle with which we transport our cultural values from one generation to the other, solidify and sustain them, we can equally create a better society with the infusion of positive doctrines that preaches good morals, which […]

Nigeria has more than 4000 doctors in the US & 5000 in the UK alone

A major problem that Africa has been suffering from over the years is the high rate of brain drain that takes highly competent personnel in important areas from the continent to foreign countries, making their service very scarce in their respective countries. A report released by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation revealed that African countries footed […]

Trump’s upcoming travel ban list includes Nigeria & 3 other African countries

Nigeria is thought to be among a list of nations Donald Trump is considering placing a visa restriction limit on, as he set to expand the number of countries on his controversial travel ban. Trump is expected to make the announcement on Monday, to coincide with the three-year anniversary of the original order, which targeted […]

The UK will Make Africa Business Partner – Borris Johnson

The United Kingdom is in the process of leaving the European Union without a deal, this no-deal Brexit means the UK has to look elsewhere to establish relationships with other parts of the world, especially in the area of trade. Africa could be one of the places the UK will be turning to as it […]

African Leaders are Currently in London for the UK-Africa Summit

For diplomatic reasons, African leaders have for the past years been summoned by the US, JAPAN, CHINA, BRITISH, GERMANY, FRANCE, RUSSIA with the latest being the UK and the rest expected to follow soon. The overriding subject for these meetings hovers around creating a “good” relationship between these states and Africa for development reasons, which […]

Samuel Eto’o and Diamond to build sports academy in Tanzania

One of Tanzania’s internationally known musicians, Diamond has revealed plans to build a football academy in the country. The singer who was born Nasib Abdul said that he is talking with ex-Cameroon and Barcelona megastar Samuel Eto’o about the idea. The 30-year-old musician said he has been in talks with Eto’o for a long time […]

Isabel dos Santos Africa’s richest woman wants to run for president in Angola

Isabel dos Santos, daughter of former Angola president Eduardo dos Santos has revealed she is running for president of the country in the coming presidential elections. The Angolan government has levied corruption charges on, Isabel and also had her assets frozen, but the former chair of state oil company Sonangol does not seem to be […]

Akon finalizes deal to build the Wakanda city

The Senegalese-American singer and songwriter took to his social media handles to announce the signing of the final documents on the much expected AKON-CITY. “just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal. Looking forward to hosting you there in the future”, Akon said in a statement. Just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in […]