The Richest Blackman on a mission to seal Africa’s revenue loopholes

DECADES OF REVENUE LOSSES IN AFRICA; WHO SAVES THE CONTINENT? It is irrefutably true that the world depends on Africa’s resource reserves for almost everything. Unfortunately, this much dependency on the continent does not translate into development or boost the revenue base of Africa. This is partly because we trade our resources at raw value […]

Mali: Protesters demand withdrawal of French troops from the country

Demonstrators today gathered in the capital city of Mali, Bamako to demand the withdraw of French military troops. The demonstrators chant slogans, denouncing French troops in their country. France’s presence in Africa has recently faced strong criticism across the continent. The current French military operation in Africa has been running since 2014, co-coordinating on security […]

How the city of Benin was looted and burnt to the ground by British soldiers

The Kingdom of Benin was known to be one of the strongest and most successful kingdoms in history. The success of this kingdom was very consistent from the start of the 15th century to the beginning of the 17th century. Aside the influence and success, Benin was a beautiful city, especially the residence of the […]

One-year-old conjoined twins successfully separated by Nigerian doctors

Speaking to BBC after the operation, Emmanuel Ameh, the lead surgeon said the operation to separate Goodness and Mercy Martins at the chest and abdomen took place in November and the two sisters were now well enough to go home, but admitted that the process was very complicated, lasting for 12 hours with 78 doctors […]

Ghana Fires all National Team Coaches

As part of moves to rebuild and return Ghanaian football to the glory days, the Ghanaian Football Association (GFA) has dismissed all coaches of all the country’s national teams, ranging from the senior male black stars to the female national side. “The decision affects both male and female national teams,” the GFA said. “The GFA […]

Two Pugilists: Mandela & Ali

Two professional boxers in different ways; one is a liberation boxer, another is a prizefighter. One fights on the streets of South Africa for freedom; another in boxing rings within United States to shame challengers. One is watched from boxing ring, another from the prison. One boxes apartheid to death, another stands for equality. One […]

Rapper Cardi B filing for Nigerian citizenship

One of America’s top female rappers Cardi B says she is filing for Nigerian citizenship citing the increasingly dangerous nature of being an American living in New York. She explained her decision in a tweet in which she also took a dig at US President Donald Trump; “I’m filing for my Nigerian citizenship,” she said, […]

Wizkid at the center of controversy after performing for President Biya’s daughter

The Cameroon first family flew in Nigerian super-star musician Wizkid to perform for them on new year’s eve. However, when pictures of the event appeared on social media, a huge debate was started especially on twitter, with most accusing the first family of using taxpayer’s money for family use. The party occurred in Douala and […]

Nigeria studying ECO move by Francophone West Africa – Finance Minister

The biggest business news doing the rounds in Africa over the past couple of months has been the adoption of the ECO, as ECOWAS’s single currency, replacing the CFA franc after decades of use of the French currency. The ECO will be the single currency used by members of the 8 UEMOA nations later this […]