Akoin Cryptocurrency Launches in Kenya as Pilot for $6 Billion Akon City

Senegalese-American musician and businessman, Alioune Badara Thiam, known popularly as Akon and his partners have successfully launched the much-anticipated Cryptocurrency called Akoin in Kenya. The Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC), $2 billion metropolis situated around a 5,000-bed medical and technology complex located in Kenya’s Kakamega County has rolled out Akoin.The akoin cryptocurrency has equally […]

Single parenting is adversely affecting the black community – Akon

Senegalese-American superstar and philanthropist Aliaune Thiam, with stage name Akon, has expressed his concerns about the adverse effects of single parenting on the black community.  The musician stated during an interview that, many black children are usually raised by single parents, especially their mothers; this according to him is not ideal because fathers are supposed […]

Africans no longer think about slavery – Akon

Senegalese-American songwriter, producer and philanthropist, Aliaume Badara Thiam known popularly as Akon has stated in an interview with DJVLAD that, Africans no longer think about slavery. “We kind of overcome the thought of slavery; the only time we think about it honestly is when we’re doing tourism to a good Island. Outside of that, people […]

African-Americans have been brainwashed to fear visiting Africa – Akon

Senegalese-American singer, record producer and philanthropist, Aliaume Badara Thiam popularly known as Akon has disclosed in a video conversation that African-Americans have been brainwashed to fear coming to the continent. He made this statement whilst having a live chat with American rapper and actor, Joseph Antonio Cartagena, who is better known in the music scene […]

Wakanda City: $6 Billion contract awarded for construction to commence

The construction of the planned futuristic City initiated by the Senegalese-American superstar and philanthropist, Aliaume Badara Thiam, with stage name Akon is finally about to commence. The musician has announced to the general public that the contract for the construction of the much talked about Akon City has been awarded to a US-based engineering and […]

It is useless to wear jewelries whilst people suffer in Africa – Akon

Commenting on the situation in some parts of the continent, especially the remote areas, the Senegalese musician and songwriter expressed his lack of interest in a luxurious and extravagant lifestyle. According to him, he would rather put those monies to better use in Africa by investing in impactful projects than parade himself with expensive jewelry. […]

Akon finalizes deal to build the Wakanda city

The Senegalese-American singer and songwriter took to his social media handles to announce the signing of the final documents on the much expected AKON-CITY. “just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal. Looking forward to hosting you there in the future”, Akon said in a statement. Just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in […]

Akon set to embark on a multi-purpose tour of Africa

Akon has revealed plans to embark on a tour around African countries starting in Ghana. The American born Senegalese origin singer, had earlier this year given a hint of his plan to tour Africa and other parts of the world including Latin America during his interview with Ebro in the morning radio host Ebro, the […]

Akon challenges African Media to redefine the image of the continent

Challenging the African Press to be more responsible and to redefine the image of the continent, popular singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, actor and founder of two successful record labels, Konvict Muzik and KonLive Distribution with several awards on his name, Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam popularly known by his stage name Akon told the […]