“Enough is enough” – Lukaku calls out FIFA and UEFA over racism

Following the insults England players received during their World Cup qualifying victory over Hungary on Thursday, Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku has called on FIFA and UEFA to put a stop to racism in sport. He has publicly asked FIFA and UEFA to make serious penalties against supporters who make racist comments against players, after incidents […]

African leaders shower praises on Prince Philip following his demise

Some African heads of state have showered loads of praises on the late Prince Philip whilst expressing their condolences to the royal family following his demise. President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria said that, “the death of the Duke of Edinburgh is the end of an era;” adding that, “Prince Philip was one of the greatest […]

US Newspaper praises Prince Philip but associates DMX with negativity

The consistency with which western tabloids associate people of African descent with negativity is becoming worrisome; at every least opportunity, these newspapers always find a way to paint black people bad. Even at their best. The recent discriminatory report on the front page of American newspaper, the New York Daily News concerning the death of […]

Why return artifacts, sculptures, but not the looted gold, diamonds and other resources?

The admission of outright theft of over 500 historical objects including 440 bronzes by the British and the commitment to repatriate such to Nigeria has triggered a whole different conversation. Africans worldwide have shared their views on the development; whilst some called on Berlin to include the revenue generated by those objects from the time […]

British University to return ‘looted’ Benin Bronze to Nigeria

The University of Aberdeen has announced on Thursday, its decision to return Benin Bronze, which was part of the numerous historical objects looted by the British power and auctioned to European Museums, collectors and other public institutions. The school said, these items shall be returned “within week.” This follows growing pressure mounting on British Museum […]

Kenya: Lawmakers, farmers kick against duty-free UK trade deal

Lawmakers and small scale farmers in Kenya are opposing the ratification of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed between Kenya and the United Kingdom seeking to allow the UK to export goods to Kenya duty-free for a period of 25years Britain has started establishing trade formalities with other countries following its exit from the European […]