Ethiopian government detains United Nations officials in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian authorities in the capital, Addis Ababa have detained about sixteen (16) officials from the United Nations as relationship between the government and the world body grows sour by the day. According to reports, the arrest is linked to the ongoing conflict between Ethiopia and the Tigray rebels.   Recall that, earlier in September this […]

China calls out the US over sanctions imposed on Ethiopia

The US has declared new sanctions against Ethiopia; however, China which is Ethiopia’s biggest lender has called out the US on this decision. China’s concern spans from its policy of non-interference. US president Joe Biden earlier authorized the Department of Treasury and the State Department to pursue individuals and entities in Ethiopia and Eritrea involved […]

Ethiopia creates homemade social media platform to rival Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp

The Ethiopian government has announced that homemade social media platforms are being created to rival global companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. The decision follows accusations that these platforms have acted against national interest through the deletion of posts and pages that are “disseminating the true reality about Ethiopia” and those “preaching national […]

Singer, The Weeknd donates $1 million to his parent’s birthplace, Ethiopia

Popular singer, songwriter and record producer Abel Tesfaye, known in the music scene as The Weeknd has announced a donation of $1 million in food towards humanitarian works in Ethiopia. This is meant to support the numerous people displaced by the current conflict between government forces and Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) rebels. The musician […]

Ethiopia to free 4,000 prisoners as it steps up war against COVID-19

Ethiopia plans to free over 4,000 prisoners holed up in its prisons as a measure to curb the spread of coronavirus. “To contain the spread of Coronavirus, 4011 convicts who are serving their sentence in federal prison facilities will be released,” said Adanech Abebe, the Federal Attorney-general who was appointed to the position this month. […]

Ethiopian Parliament ‘passes gun control law’

Following increasing violence in the country, especially between ethnic groups, Ethiopian lawmakers has passed a law aimed at controlling gun ownership in the country. With this law in place, each region is required to outlines the legal age that one can acquire a gun and also limits the number of guns a person is allowed […]

Ethiopia launched country’s first satellite

On the 20 of December 2019 Ethiopians attended the launch of the country’s first micro-satellite (ETRSS-1) at the Entoto Observatory on the outskirts of the capital Addis Ababa, in what was described as an amazing strike to joining the host of other Sub-African States in their attempts to develop space agenda to press on their […]

Ethiopia puts satellites in space joining other African nations

There is a growing list of African nations with a Satellite in space with Ethiopia becoming the latest to have one placed there. The sub-Saharan state on Friday launched its first satellite into space, joining the list of other sub-Saharan nations striving to develop space programs to advance their development goals and encourage scientific innovation. […]