French Doctor apologizes after sparking outrage with COVID-19 trial comments

The Paris network of hospitals released a statement of apology from Jean-Paul Mira, employee and head of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Cochin hospital after her unfortunate comment triggered a global outrage, especially from Africa. The statement which is believed to be coming from Mira reads: “I want to present all my apologies to those […]

West Africa renames CFA franc but keeps it pegged to euro

An agreement has been reached between France and West Africa’s monetary to rename its CFA franc the Eco and cut some of the financial links with Paris that have controlled the region’s common currency since its creation soon after World War Two. Under the new deal, the currency’s name will change from CFA franc to […]

Akon – France depends on Africa to survive

The American born Senegalese R&B and hip hop star Akon has launched a scathing attack on European giants France. In an interview with Ebro, he defended his business relationship with the Chinese and accused France of exploiting African nations. “To be honest I seen nothing wrong with the Chinese, I have been working with them […]