Guinea ignores ECOWAS, opens borders with Mali to serve “Pan-African vision”

Guinea’s military government has released a statement dissociating itself from the decision taken by West Africa’s regional bloc, ECOWAS to issue heavy sanctions against Mali. According to the statement, the Doumbouya administration says the country will keep its borders open to Mali despite boycott directives from ECOWAS. This the leadership says is in line with […]

Ousted Alpha Conde flown to Turkey for medical treatment

Guinea’s ousted president, Alpha Conde was flown to Turkey to get medical treatment subject to conditions spelt out by the military regime. ECOWAS earlier made a request to the country’s interim leader, Colonel Doumbouya to grant the former President some time for medical assessment outside the country. The military junta granted the request tagged to […]

Guinea: Junta dismisses head of Central Bank, freezes account of Alpha Conde’s collaborators

Since the Alpha Conde administration was overthrown with the transitional government established, Guinea’s junta headed by Colonel Doumbouya has been taking drastic measures to overhaul major sectors of the country. His pattern of selection has been seen by political analysts as a deliberate attempt to remove the loyalists of the ousted President, Alpha Conde. Earlier […]

Guinea coup: Alpha Conde released from Prison, placed under house arrest

The military junta in Guinea has reportedly released the country’s ousted president, Alpha Conde from prison months after the execution of the coup. The interim administration which provided limited information revealed that, the new arrangement will see the former president placed under house arrest instead. Months ago, Conde was detained in prison after the Doumbouya […]