Guinea’s coup and the message African leaders failed to catch

When the political upheaval in Guinea started, there was a worldwide concern regarding the fate of the world’s Aluminium Market. This concern was raised because the West African country partly holds the live-wire to the market as it is the world’s second-largest producer of Bauxite, the ore used in the production of Aluminium. Indeed, the […]

Build factories in Guinea and process bauxite locally; Doumbouya to mining companies

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, the leader of the coup in Guinea has called on mining companies to build factories in Guinea and also process Bauxite which is the West African country’s largest resource locally instead of the usual exportation at raw value. In what he referred to as a “win-win partnership” with regards to mining activities […]

Alpha Conde, President of Guinea Conakry has been arrested by security forces

Alpha Conde, the 83-year-old President of Guinea Conakry has been reportedly arrested by security forces. Last year, Alpha Conde changed the constitution of Guinea Conakry to be re-elected for a third term in a very chaotic election. Guinea Conakry’s Coup: Mamady Doumboya the Commander of Guinea’s Special Forces just released a statement on national TV […]

Court jails Frenchman 5years plus $56.48M fine over $160M corruption deal in Guinea

EYEGAMBIA earlier reported the case of a French-Israeli businessman, Beny Steinmetz who was dragged before court in Switzerland to respond to charges of corruption he masterminded in Guinea some years ago. The Swiss criminal court has pronounced him guilty of the charges leveled against him following two weeks; the diamond magnate was found guilty of […]

French tycoon dragged before court over $160M corruption deal in Guinea

A French-Israeli businessman, Beny Steinmetz has been dragged before court in Switzerland to respond to charges regarding his alleged corrupt dealings in Guinea-Conakry some years ago. According to the Swiss Prosecutors, the billionaire diamond magnate paid bribe of about $10m through Swiss banks purposely to compromise Guinean public officials and secure rich mining concessions at […]

We are Human First, Pogba says in Guinea, Water Fund-Raiser

One of the most recognized footballer in the world today, Paul Pogba, attended a charity football match aimed at raising funds to provide clean drinking water in Guinea. The Manchester United midfielder, whose parents are from Guinea-Conakry was at the event along with his other two brothers Florentine and Mathias Pogba. The game was aimed […]