Gambia will arrest ex-president Jammeh if he returns – Justice Minister

Gambia’s minister of Justice has warned that former dictator Yaya Jammeh, will be arrested and prosecuted should he step foot in the country. The declaration was made by the country’s justice minister Abubakar Tambadou. Coming days after Jammeh’s supporters protested to call for his return. The minister noted that the government will waste no time […]

Another Gambian army officer confesses to the killing of 50 African migrants and more

Another member of Jammeh’s death squad known as the “junglers” has confessed to taking part in the killing of more than 50 West African migrants. Testifying late on Tuesday before a truth commission set up by President Adama Barrow’s government to investigate abuses under Jammeh, Omar Jallow said he was a member of Jammeh’s elite […]