Akoin Cryptocurrency Launches in Kenya as Pilot for $6 Billion Akon City

Senegalese-American musician and businessman, Alioune Badara Thiam, known popularly as Akon and his partners have successfully launched the much-anticipated Cryptocurrency called Akoin in Kenya. The Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC), $2 billion metropolis situated around a 5,000-bed medical and technology complex located in Kenya’s Kakamega County has rolled out Akoin.The akoin cryptocurrency has equally […]

COVID-19: A University in Kenya unveils ventilators made by students

Students from Kenyatta University have close to assist solve the ventilator crisis within the country in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The ventilators were produced as a joint venture by 16 students from the Engineering Faculty, Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing in 7-Days under the guardians of their Deans developed a Prototype of a Ventilator […]

Four Chinese nationals arrested over the maltreatment of a Kenyan employee

Information reaching EYEGAMBIA indicates that Kenyan authorities have arrested four Chinese nationals at the Chez Wou restaurant on Sunday, the 9th of February, 2020. This followed the public demand for justice for Mr. Simon Oseko, the Kenyan employee who was lashed by his Chinese boss. Police officers from the Kenyan Directorate of Criminal Investigation raided […]

A seeming Commonwealth but uncommon cultural values – UK & Kenya

Who sets the standard? It is a common phenomenon to see former colonies being whipped into some order that portrays certain core elements that forms part of the colonial power’s cultural content. This is evident in former African colonies emulating foreign contents such as language, education, way of dressing, governance and many others from their […]

US army base in Kenya attacked

A statement from the Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) on Sunday morning revealed that “at around, 5:30 am an attack was launched in Manda Air Strip by Al-Shabab fighters.” Manda Air Strip, in Lamu County, is used by US and Kenyan military personnel in the East African State. “The attempted breach was successfully repulsed. Four terrorist […]

Meet Five Great Voices Inspiring African Youths

Meet some of the faces inspiring the new generation of energetic youths of the continent of Africa especially, in the political circle. The persons listed below here are doing great to transform the political landscape of the continent by instilling the right character so needed to reshape both politics and the life of the ordinary […]

Kenya’s First Crude Oil Export! A Curse or blessing?

Following the enactment of a Petroleum Act of 2019 in March this year, Kenya on Monday began to benefit from a seventy-five percent (75%) crude oil exploration with its maiden shipment to trading company ChemChina UK Ltd. The Chinese Company bought the first consignment at 12 million US Dollars. The Turkana Oil fields are estimated […]