Excursion To Africa: Yesterday Mali Created Today’s Mali

TODAY IN MALI Mali-is the only double triangular shaped nation in the world, located in West Africa sub-region, seventh in landmass size in Africa; a landlocked nation, its territory falls within two African great rivers, Niger and Senegal. To her North is Algeria, southeast is Niger; on southern border are Burkina Faso and Cote d’ […]

Another Foreign Military Troop in Mali To Combat Islamist Led Insurgency

According to the BBC, 250 British soldiers will join the UN mission in Mali later this year, a move they say is to step up its military support in West Africa to help combat the world’s fastest-growing Islamist-Led Insurgency. Over the past months, British troops have been helping train local forces to fight extremism in […]

Mali: Protesters demand withdrawal of French troops from the country

Demonstrators today gathered in the capital city of Mali, Bamako to demand the withdraw of French military troops. The demonstrators chant slogans, denouncing French troops in their country. France’s presence in Africa has recently faced strong criticism across the continent. The current French military operation in Africa has been running since 2014, co-coordinating on security […]