Reports say Sudan suspended Russian naval base but Russia denies

Earlier reports had it that, Russia’s plan to establish a naval logistic base in Red Sea Port has been suspended by authorities in Sudan; the publications added that, the decision was tagged by a Russian Navy admiral as one which is motivated by pressure from the United States. According to an earlier announcement by Russia, […]

Vladimir Putin signs law allowing him to run for two more terms

Russian government said on Monday, April 5th, 2021 that, President Vladimir Putin has given final signatory to a law which paves way for him to remain in office for two more 6-year term until 2036. The said legislation was proposed last year. With a voter turnout of 68%, about 78% of voters approved the constitutional […]

As long as I’m president, same-sex marriage will never happen – Vladimir Putin

Russian President, Vladimir Putin stated unequivocally that, as long as he remains president, gay marriage will never happen in Russia. He made this comment on Thursday in a meeting with state commission. Putin was the chair of the meeting which was held to help look at the new proposed amendments to the Russian constitution. In […]