Somali Woman elected as first black Mayor of South Portland USA

Deqa Dhalac, a 53-year-old Somali woman was elected as a mayor of South Portland in the state of Maine. With this victory, she has made history as the first black Mayor of the state and the first Somalian to achieve this feat. Her victory has been widely celebrated due to the racial composition of the […]

“Time for Women to Lead in Somalia” – Somalia’s Only Female Presidential Candidate

Fawzia Yusuf Haji Adam a Somali woman, believes it’s time for a woman’s touch and launched her presidential campaign on Tuesday. Obtaining adequate support from Somalia’s legislators, the overwhelming majority of whom are male. If elected, Fawzia promises to give the nation a new lease of life by emphasizing security, economic empowerment, and education. Fawzia, […]

Eating is the solution to Somalia’s locust invasion

Somalia has come up with a rather unusual approach in her fight against an invasion of locust. The country is facing its worst invasion of locusts in closed to 3 decades, but instead of waging war with sprays and other insecticides, Some people have improvised the means, choosing instead to eat the desert insects, using […]