Zimbabwe receives first batch deportees from the UK

More than a dozen of Zimbabwe’s citizens are being deported from the United Kingdom. According to reports, some of them have lived in the country for decades and have been forced to leave their families behind to face an uncertain future in their native country. They were deported from the United Kingdom after the government […]

The UK imposes sanctions on Zimbabwean security officials citing human right violations

The United Kingdom (UK) has imposed sanctions on some Zimbabwean security officials following accusations of human right violation for the first time after exiting the European Union. According to published by the UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab on Monday, the sanctions will restrict the officials from traveling to Britain and also freeze their assets. “Today’s […]

Zimbabwe’s President blast Trump, calls for an end to sanctions

The President of Zimbabwe, Emerson Mnangagwa has blasted the outgoing US President, Donald Trump and also called for an end to sanctions imposed on his country by the US as extended by the Trump administration. According to him, the violent invasion of the capitol by pro-trump protesters to distract an ongoing Electoral College voting purported […]

Africa Beyond borders: Nigerian Billionaire set to build platinum mine in Zimbabwe

Pan-African investment: Nigerian Billionaire set to build platinum mine in Zimbabwe Nigerian billionaire identified as Mr. Benedict Peters has made plans to build a platinum mine in Zimbabwe with at least one billion dollars. This follows plans by the Zimbabwean government to make use of its mining concessions to revive the economy; as a result, […]

Why Compensate White Zimbabwean Farmers for Land They Acquired Illegally – PLO Lumumba

Renowned Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba has expressed his unreserved views on Zimbabwe’s current ongoing situation during an interview with Godfred on The African Passport Show. According to him, the decision to compensate the white farmers for the lands is insensitive to the historical realities of the matter at hand. He opined that “This idea […]

Africa’s first-ever virtual communication platform launched

The first-ever virtual platform for communication developed purely by Africans has duly been launched for public use; the groundbreaking innovation has since received attention from many people, especially Africans for its high tendency of boosting technological feats of the continent. The platform named, GlueVP is the brainchild of a Zimbabwean born Professor cum innovator, Richard […]

Dr. Arikana on $3.5 Billion compensation to white farmers in Zimbabwe

Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao, former ambassador for the African Union to United States and the current president for the African Diaspora Development Institute, has come out to speak on issues concerning the compensation of white farmers in Zimbabwe. The Pan-Africanist blamed the whole incident on the Lancaster agreement; she stated that, “The Lancaster agreement when it […]

Zimbabwean government threaten to repatriate US ambassador

The ruling Zanu Party of the Republic of Zimbabwe has referred to the United State’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nicholas as a diplomatic “Thug” in a recent address with reporters in the country. The incumbent government believes the US ambassador is in a way supporting the opposition party and is behind plots to remove the […]

Zimbabwe Agreed to Compensate White Farmers $3.5 Billion

The Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube and acting Agriculture Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri have on behalf of the government of Zimbabwe signed an agreement with white farmers union to pay the sum of $3.5 billion compensation to white farmers whose lands were seized by Robert Mugabe’s regime to resettle black families in the southern African nation. It could […]