Taliban rule: Uganda agrees to take in 2,000 Afghanistan refugees

Uganda has reached an agreement with the United States to receive 2,000 Afghanistan refugees following a total takeover of the country by the Taliban fighters. Esther Anyakun, Refugee Minister revealed that, the decision was taken upon request by the US.

According to the evacuation plan from the United States as confirmed by Ugandan authorities, a total of 500 Afghans were expected to arrive in the country on Tuesday August 17, 2021. However, the Minister noted that, official discussions are still ongoing ahead of the planned reception.

Part of the Arrangement is how to put proper checks in place to help manage the covid status of the refugees. Plans are in place to test each of the Afghans yet to arrive in the country before they are sent to isolation and further transferred to their rightful settlements.

This humanitarian act is not the first of its kind. The East African country has a long history of opening its doors to serve as a place of refuge for numerous people across the world in times of need.

Currently, Uganda is the first in Africa and third in the world in terms of countries that host the most refugees with 90% of the refugees coming from Neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

Uganda is also known to be one of the countries that takes good care of refugees. The government offers refugees land for residential and farming purposes. Additionally, refugees are allowed to work in the country.

Afghanistan citizens woke up to a different world order on Sunday as Taliban fighters took over the country within hours, creating a chaotic scene. Series of videos from credible local and international media shows desperate Afghans trooping national airport in Kabul to flee the country. Evacuation plans are in place, moving both locals and foreign diplomats to safety.

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