Terminally ill Gambian calls on H.E BARROW FOR HELP

A man in the west coast village of Lamin has called on all Gambians and the head of State H.E Adama Barrow for assistance as he battles for his life.

The man, Sarjo Colley, who is popularly known as “Nyamo Colley or Grass” reached out to us asking us to help him reach the head of state and other Gambians who can help him get treated.

Grass, who has been sick since April this year, is seeking overseas medical help.

Speaking to EYEGAMBIA in obvious pain and discomfort, the 56-year-old man said he had tried with the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (RVTH) but to no avail, around April. “I felt some pains in my back which led to surgery at RVTH, But ever since they operated on me things have gotten worse. At first, I was able to move around but now, my feet are dead. I have to be turned around, even to urinate. I have been given a pipe to aid me with that, the pain is unbearable. RVTH told me I have to go to Dakar as they can’t do anything else for me. I do not have those funds available, this is why I decided to reach out to my fellow Gambians and non-Gambians for help, beginning with the president of Gambia.”

Mr. Colley ended by saying he thinks he is running out of time, “every day I go to sleep, I say to myself this could be my last night alive. I am really scared, I feel every day it’s getting worse and I may die if it continues like this. I don’t need money, all I want is to be taken to Dakar or anywhere else to be treated, I want to return to what I do before, to work and help my family and live a normal life once again.” He concluded.

When we went to see him in his home, we found him in a worse state than he explained during our telephone conversation. He looks really sick and in great distress. As a media house, this is what we can do, so we implore other media operators to take up this story as their own, let it reach everyone in The Gambia and beyond, especially the president as he personally insisted.

To say that his life is in danger is by no means an overstatement. He needs help and urgently.

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