The African way of life there is We, but the western way of life is I – George Obama

George Obama made this statement few years back when asked about his relationship with Barack Obama. The statement is a reflection of Africa’s social system which is proven to be oldest and most politically free form of socialism.

Prior to contact with the Europeans, Africa had traditional value systems, based on numerous concepts that manages her affairs from governance, religion, social relations to every single fiber of the continental setting. These very important indigenous concepts stood the test of time amidst colonial disturbances, numerous cultural assimilations and adoption of foreign modules.

The African social relationship, for instance, was established generally on the principle of altruism which is evident from the spirit behind the popular concept, UBUNTU which translates philosophically as “the belief in a universal bond of sharing.

This concept started from day one and is typical of most Africans in contemporary times with very few exceptions. Anywhere they find themselves, Africans live for one another. They feel and demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility towards each other.

The surge in remittances to Africa is partly a result of the same driving spirit of “I am, because we are”. The annual remittances of Africans living abroad is up to $60billion, more than the total number of foreign aid. Such remittances stimulate GDP growth since consumption is the largest component of any modern GDP.

The ‘ubuntu’ system is fundamentally rooted in our traditional family units and tribal communities. Although, due to colonial structured boundaries, some societies are still struggling to shift this communal spirit into nationalism due to political conflicts. However, we are seeing changes and hopefully, Pan-Africanism will finally unite the continent for lasting prosperity. The effort of united Africa has been interrupted many times and mostly from the outside. In modern times, one of the biggest ideological challenges would be the global rise of Western Liberalism.

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