The Gambia: Former President Jammeh’s party forms a coalition with President Barrow ahead of the December Election.

The Executive of the APRC, the party of the exiled former ruler of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, has today announced that the party has entered into a coalition agreement with President Barrow’s NPP ahead of the December 4th Presidential election. 

The interim leader of Jammeh’s APRC party, Mr. Jatta announced that the party which previously ruled The Gambia for twenty-year has decided to enter into a coalition with President Barrow for the best interest of The Gambia. 

President Barrow shocked the world in 2016 when he unseated  President Jammeh. Former President Jammeh initially accepted defeat but later took a U-turn, and claimed without evidence that he was cheated in the election. 

Speaking in a press conference, Mr. Fabakarry Jatta revealed that President Barrow and the leadership of the APRC reached and signed an agreement on Thursday 2nd September 2021.

The coalition agreement has not been published yet. However, many have speculated that the President has reached an agreement to grant former President Jammeh amnesty from state prosecution. 

Many in The Gambia, are shocked by the news of the formation of a coalition between Barrow’s NNP and APRC. President Barrow came to power through a coalition of seven parties, and other independent candidates at the time, but has since disregarded every agreement that brought the parties together to unseat former President Jammeh. 

The Barrow administration has earlier established a truths Commission to investigate alleged human rights violations during the 22-year reign of former president Jammeh, however, many are worried that with the formation of a coalition with President Jammeh’s political party, the recommendation of the Commission may never be implemented.

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