The Gambia Will Not Legalize Homosexuality, Justices Minister

The government of The Gambia has told the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nation Human Right Council, responsible for the review of the Human right records of member states, that it has no plans to legalize homosexuality. This is the first that that the Barrow administration has emphatically made its stand clear in the much contested practices of LGBT since coming into power in 2016.

Homosexuality is illegal in The Gambia since 1888, the least act of homosexuality carries a minimum 14 years in prison and “aggravated homosexual” conducts attracting “Life imprisonment”.

Earlier in 2017, President Adama Barrow has told EU delegates to The Gambia that “Homosexuality is not an issue in The Gambia” which statement ignited strong public reaction.

Former autocratic Gambian leader, Yahya Jammeh was known for his strong stand against the LGBT community and has threatened to “cut the throats” of individuals found in the act.

Homosexuality is largely viewed as infamous among the Gambians, closely up to 95% of whom are Muslims.


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