The Gambian government set to evict citizens to give land to European claimant

The Gambian government is in the process of evicting its citizens from a piece of land located in Tranquil just to release same land to a European who is claiming ownership.

According to The Fatu Network a local news media, the claimant (name withheld) made an earlier attempt to take over the land during the days of the Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh, stating that he secured the land decades ago for Agricultural purposes.

The then President offered an alternative land to prevent the eviction of the residents who spent millions of dollars developing the land. Reports have it that, the claimant refused the offer and insisted on taking same land he bought many years back; a request Yahya Jammeh failed to grant.

The claimant reportedly left the Gambia to Europe after failing to secure the land; he has, through an agent in the Gambia pursued same case after a change of government, and is currently in the process of taking the land.

As it stands now, the police have been deployed to forcefully evict the residents (about 22 homes) so the land can be given to him; according to the residents who are natives of the Gambia, they have spent a lot of resources to purchase and develop the land and are not willing to leave.

Some of the residents stated during an interview that, the Gambia is their home country and they will not allow any foreigner to take away their property. A resident stated that it is unacceptable to have a Gambian evicting a fellow Gambian “based on some white man’s story.” Watch the interview below:

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