The Solution and Strategy for African Unity

Africa’s political structures and historical experiences are many such that they cannot result in being summarized in a single context. However, many contemporary political analysts have agreed in treating the continent under a single band in that the continent and its people are all victims of Western and Arabic colonial oppression, slavery, and imperialism in multiple ways. Thus, on top of its domestic’s vices, the continent continues to face a great deal of external motivated predicaments.

Even as the continent continues to dwell in a state of confusion and flux, its people have not lost the strength in their unrelenting search for the resolution toward the plight it has long been confronted with.

In that direction, much has been said or suggested in the social sphere regarding the way forward for Africa. The most outstanding of which is the incessant demand for the Unity of the continent and its people both home and abroad. This call, as old and unrealistic as it may seem in the time, is the most profound for Africa’s progress. The logic for this constant call is one that is not far from the popular African axiom that one would not be respected by his or her peers if his or her home is in disarray.

While one may justly reserve some provocative questions over the status of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the intentions of such an organization were clearing outlined by its founding fathers and points to the direction of Africa’s Unity.

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Indeed, it is not lost on us that, Africa’s Unity, Pan Africanism, or Pan African ideology lies at the center of the establishment of the Organisation for African Unity (OAU). Despite its limitations, there is an urgent need to re-cultivate this most worthy concept in African Politics, especially in times like this when the fate of the world order is being questioned. This Movement, the Pan African ideology, requires a new but well-grafted representation of Africa and black people in the structure of the global governance framework. Lest we forget, one of the most important demographics in the struggle for African Unity constitutes Africans in the Diaspora. There is equally a compelling need to breach the disconnect that exists between native Africans and those in the Diaspora.

In many ways, the Conscious Pan African Movements in the Diaspora could play a fundamental role in altering the corrupt cum neo-colonial leadership installed by the imperialists throughout the continent and replace it with a leadership that does not only reflect the genuine aspiration of the African People but restore the dignity and probity that have been roped off from them for many years by giving meaning to the independence of states in our continent under a united front.

There is, for Africa, no way to progress and true liberation except through Unity and action.

This must become the realization of all Africans, whether home or abroad. Thus, the journey to Africa’s Unity must be given the due attention it deserves.

We may start by show of solidarity. Africans at home need to show solidarity to their brothers and sisters in America, to those considered black Brazilians, Caribbean, Afro Latin Americans, and those in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. In this recycle days of historical racist abuse and discrimination against black people around the world, such solidarity is needed, especially from the leadership of the continent.

Getting Evolved in The Politics of The Continent Under A Pan African Umbrella

It is my conviction that Pan Africanism is the solution to Africa’s unity crises, and where that is the same belief held by many, actions must be taken to reform Pan Africanist political parties across the continent. This is essential in the strive to build a unified continent. This Pan African political parties could serve as means of resurgence for the Pan African ideology.

The struggle is not over. Through various means, Africans in the Diaspora can influence the political dynamics in the continent in favor of the Pan African agenda for a unified, liberated, and dignified continent.

As recently manifested in the imperialistic United States of America, It was the trolls online and the airwaves that influence the voting in America to bring about the Trump Presidency and the resurgence of right-wing nationalism in Europe. The same strategy, coupled with others that suits the reality in the continent, could be used by Pan Africans to influence African voters to vote for emerging Pan African political Parties.

Economy and Education

The imperialist power purposefully put every fiber of their strengths to maintain the under-developed status of Africa both industrially and technologically, because it suits their economic and political interest. Anyone who denies the continuous economic exploitation of Africa is either being deliberate or ignorant. This economic exploitation, which helps to maintain Western political influence in the continent, have been coined by Dr. Kwame Nkurmah to mean “neo-colonialism.” It is a reality. Two things majorly important to maintain in Africa’s market’s character is Demographic protectionism and market protections. In this way, Africa would take charge of its market and production and immediately confront the exploitive imperialist forces’ widespread economic activities.

Given Africa’s bastardized education system, great reformation is needed in the said sector for the continent to gain and meaningful progress. One would have to sadly note that the colonial powers still run the education system across the continent. Taking over this crucial sector would enhance the propagation of the Pan African ideology, decolonization of the African mind, and solidify black consciousness.

We have to be in charge of the education system. Taking over the education system or establishing Pan African school across the continent would enable African to expose the corrupt and exploitative imperialist regimes around to our children from their tender age, and prepare our people to confront the erroneous global perception being propagated against Africa and her black people worldwide which is perpetuated by those who wish to maintain their dominance indefinitely.

Together, we shall overcome!

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