The U.S Seeks to Forfeit Yahya Jammeh’s $3.5 Million Maryland Property; 3-years After His Presidency 

It is being reported that the U.S Department of Justice seeks to recover an asset acquired by former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, who has a tradition of looting his own people/country to buy de-luxe materials for himself in a foreign country. But there can’t be a bulwark between cheating and justice. The act of African autocrats taking money from the national-budgets to buy luxurious goods abroad is a categorical chastisement of their economies and this has to stop.

Yahya Jammeh, during his presidency, bought a property worth $3.5m in Maryland with funds that could have been directed to finance life-changing projects back in The Gambia, but the smoke from a roasty meat does not irritate the eyes of a hungry man. Yahya Jammeh and consortium had been earnest in depleting the financial fabrics of the small West African country. His wife Zainab Jammeh has been regarded by many as ‘instrumental’ in the purchase of the U.S property.

According to the U.S Attorney for the District of Maryland, Yahya Jammeh and his wife thought that they could hide funds stolen from the Gambian people by buying a mansion in Potomac, Maryland. He further stated that the United States will not allow criminals to profit from their crimes and will seek justice for crime victims both home and abroad.

To the Justice Department, many are faced with the question of why leaders such s Jammeh are allowed to buy properties or hide funds in the United States in the first place when it’s obvious that they were stealing from the public?

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