The UK imposes sanctions on Zimbabwean security officials citing human right violations

The United Kingdom (UK) has imposed sanctions on some Zimbabwean security officials following accusations of human right violation for the first time after exiting the European Union.

According to published by the UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab on Monday, the sanctions will restrict the officials from traveling to Britain and also freeze their assets. “Today’s announcement ensures these individuals cannot freely travel to the UK, channel money through UK banks or profit from our economy. The statement said.

The affected officials were accused of playing major roles in incidents leading to the death of some citizens; in January 2019, the Zimbabwean army was reported to have allegedly attacked protesters during a peaceful demonstration against fuel price hikes killing 17 people. The officials were equally held responsible for the death of six people in August 2018 after opening fire on unarmed citizens who protested against delays in election results.

The UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab said in the statement that, “These sanctions send a clear message that we will hold to account those responsible for the most egregious human rights violations, including the deaths of innocent Zimbabweans;” the statement however clarified that, “these restrictive measures are not targeted at, nor intended to impact, the wider economy and the people of Zimbabwe.”

The sanctioned officials include Owen Ncube, Minister for State Security, Isaac Moyo, Central Intelligence Organisation chief, Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga and Anselem Sanyatwe, a former commander of the presidential guard.

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