Three Nigerian Students Win Global Cloud and Artificial Intelligence Competition

Three Nigerian students from the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) have been crowned winners of the global cloud and artificial intelligence competition organized by Huawei Technologies.

The contest saw the participation of 150,000 students coming from 82 countries and a total of 2000 universities across the world.

According to a statement by the the university’s vice chancellor, Kabir Bala, ABU was represented by a total of six students. Out of this, a set of three won in a different category, which is the Network Track Globally whilst the main trio won the grand prize.

“Six ABU students participated, and three of them: Hamza Atabor, Emmanuel Abba, and Hamza Beira, earned first prize in Network Track Globally. Mustapha Jimoh, Dahir Muhammad-Dahir, and Abdullahi Khalifa Muhammad earned grand prize in cloud and artificial intelligence at the global final.” The vice chancellor reveals.

Nigeria was represented by a total of 15 students at the initial regional stages, from Ahamdu Bello University, University of Port Harcourt and the University of Ibadan, out of which ABU students did extremely well.

The Vice Chancellor disclosed that the relationship between ABU and Huawei Technologies started in August 2018 after the latter approached the university for a partnership on the Huawei Authorized Information Network Academy (HAINA) and other CSR initiatives.

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