TROPHY BAPTISM: Senegalese baptized their new ‘baby’ on the seventh day as custom dictates  

Customarily, in Senegal and within the subregion, newborn babies are baptized on their seventh day on earth. On that day, the baby will be assigned a name accompanied with rituals such as sacrificing a cow, sheep, goat etc. There is usually a sizable gathering of family and friends who all converge to celebrate the cycle of life. The day is filled with festive events and the guests are usually served with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Well, as funny as it might be, Senegalese fans took the custom to another level as they baptized their AFCON trophy on the seventh day since captain Koulibally lifted it up in the air like Simba in the Lion King. Many Senegalese families shared videos of their ritual ceremony where a porridge-like meal called “laakh” is being served for breakfast.When news of the ceremony was rumored days before, many thought it was a joke but it actually happened.

Last week, the Lions of Senegal won the AFCON for the first time in the history of the country and gave joy not only to 17 million Senegalese but to football fans around the continent as well. Of course, a baby needs a name and many Senegalese agreed that the trophy should be named after Papa Bouba Jobe, the late Senegalese football star who passed away in November 2020.

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