Trump sends a plane full of African deportees from different countries to Nairobi, Kenya

The last days of the outgoing US president Donald Trump has become very rough for Africans as his administration has dumped a plane full of African deportees from different countries in Nairobi Kenya in his last minute push.

The flight which left the US on Thursday January 14th under the supervision of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) was believed to have carried Somali, Ethiopian and Kenyan deportees.

Donald Trump who is keen on completing his task of deporting illegal immigrants is expected to issue another order for a last minute African deportation to be carried out before his successor, Joe Biden who promised a 100-day suspension of deportations takes office.

Tom Cartwright, a man who tracks flights for Witness at the Border, raised concerns that, “with each deportation to Africa, Ice and Omni take more steps to hide their flights. This time it was under the cover of night. “The other steps Ie and Omni have taken to make these flights as opaque as possible is that they now do not file a public flight plan, not even in the US. They mask the flight number and plane number from public view.”

It is generally believed that, these deportees were deliberately dumped in Kenya to be later transported to their various countries of origin; the deportation has so far attracted a lot of conversations. What is your view on the strong measures taken by the Trump administration?

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