Trump thanks African Newspaper for making him man of the year

President Donald J Trump has expressed gratitude to an African media outlet called Africanewspaper for making him man of the year 2020.

Africa World argued out their reasons for picking Trump for such position in a lengthy article authored by one Ukachukwu Okorie. The article is segmented into various categories covering his sense of determination, fight against colonialism, fearless leadership, and his relationship with Africa, among others. 

Looking at Trump’s approach towards colonialism and neocolonialism, Africa World stated that “President Trump’s foreign policy is not found peddling colonialism and planting neo-colonialists.” They further added that “He has gone in history as the White House occupant who never waged any war and as a leader who wanted Africa to develop at its own pace.” 

Comparing the Trump administration to that of Obama in terms of America’s foreign policies in relation to Africa, the media outlet posited that, “President Trump has shown the capacity to practically act in the interest of the people whereas his predecessors operate a foreign policy that is hypocritical on Africa.”

With reference to the infamous “shithole” comment made by Trump in describing African countries, Africa World argued that the statement was actually in good faith as it was meant to stop Africans from leaving their mismanaged countries for greener pastures. 

Touching on his leadership as the 45th President of the United States, they argued that “at the start of his first tenure, he frowned at an America that had failed many of its citizens. He described the hopelessness of families trapped in poverty, an ineffective education system, and crime, drugs and gangs. And to shame his critics, over four million jobs within two years, and minorities especially African migrants benefited.”

They also made reference to Trump’s religious stance as part of the reasons for his qualification as the man of the year 2020. The author states, “A great appeal for us in AfricaWorld Newspaper is the greatest reason because it is at the center of our existence. President Donald Trump recognizes God as the Supreme and King of Kings and has shown practical steps to guarantee freedom of worship. We love God and believe in him”.

Donald Trump has since shared the said article and expressed his appreciation to African World Newspaper for the recognition. “Thank you, a great honor!”, Trump wrote as he shared the piece on his official Facebook page and on Twitter.

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