Two Chinese nationals sentenced to 10 years in prison in DRC over prostitution

Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have cracked down on some Chinese nationals for illegalities in the country including prostitution and the use of fake documents. Whilst two of the offenders identified as Ye Jingpeng and Lili Bin were sentenced to 10 years in prison, others were fined for their crime.   

A high court in the country found Ye Jingpeng and Lili Bin in breach of the law after procuring fellow Chinese women as prostitutes in DRC. The presiding prosecutor said the two were making money from “organizing the sexual exploitation of young Chinese women in several cities”.

Nicky Bayo, lawyer for the two revealed on Saturday that, “my clients Ye Jingpeng and Lili Bin were sentenced the night of Thursday to Friday to 10 years and three months in prison for procurement involving Chinese women nationals and using fake documents.”

In addition to the two, a DRC citizen was also jailed for 10 years for actions in support of the illegal stay of Chinese nationals in the country. “a Congolese foreign ministry civil servant was also sentenced to 10 years in prison for having delivered courtesy visas without the authority to do so,” Nicky told reporters.

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Other offenders were equally fined to pay an amount for violating immigration laws. According to the account, each of the offenders were charged $1000 dollars each. “Eight Chinese women on an irregular stay were ordered to pay 1,000 dollars each,” the lawyer said, adding that, “another 23 Chinese women were acquitted for lack of evidence,” the lawyer said.

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