Ubuntu: Eto’o backs Drogba to condemn Colonist French Doctors

We early on reported that Didier Drogba condemned in no uncertain terms, two French colonist Doctors who suggested that the COVID-19 experimental drugs be tested first in Africa.

The issue seems not to be dying any time soon. The former Chelsea striker and Ivorian star player just got support from his African brother and former Barcelona striker, Samuel Etoo.

“Y’all nothing but Shit”; Etoo backs Drogba to condemn Colonist French Doctors for saying Africans should be used to test COVID-19 vaccine.

On his social media handles, Etoo referred to the Doctors as shits for demeaning Africa in the live TV conversation they were having. From his reaction, one can tell that the award-winning Cameronian footballer is not happy with this occurrence.

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Eto’o and Drogba

The fact of the matter is that this particular conversation will make it very difficult for Africans to believe that, they have never been used to further scientific research unknowingly or Against their will.

Every African leader must stand up against the attempt to use their citizens as human guinea pigs to test a virus that we know completely nothing about.



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