Uganda Rejects International Court’s Ruling to pay $325 million as reparations to DR Congo

After Wednesday’s ruling where Uganda was asked to pay the sum of $325 million as reparations to DR Congo as reparations for the damages to human lives, resources and property done in the Eastern province of the country called Ituri, Uganda has gone ahead to categorically state that it wouldn’t pay.

In a statement by the Ugandan minister of foreign affairs, Okello Henry Oryem, he described the court ruling against his country as unfair. He further described the judgment as one sided because the harm done by other countries’ armed forces who were present at the time of the war wasn’t put into consideration as well.

He went on to deny the allegation that the Ugandan army had committed any form of abuse on the ground that his country’s army is known for its level of discipline.

“The judgment of 2005 gave the DRC the burden of proof of the number of people they claimed were killed, the number of properties they claimed were destroyed. By the time this judgment was made yesterday, the DRC had not proved those issues that were raised.” Said Oryem

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